Latest NEWS:

2017 Sep 16:
The FML and SOS are collaborating to bring you another FML/SOS calendar for 2018. Wanna be involved? Register and upload your entries here.

2013 Jul 30:
ALL FML archives from the initial issue in 1987 through the end of June 2013 are now available to search. That's over 7800 issues and over 25 years of knowledge! You can access the FML archives here: FML Searchable Archives

2012 December 21:
Today is the 25th anniversary of the FML. The first issue was e-mailed by Chris Lewis on this date in 1987! Wow, that's older than Google by about a decade. Over 7600 issues later we're still going strong.

2009 November 30:
The FML advertising issue was sent today. Many people didn't receive it due to spam controls. You can view it here: FML Advertising issue #20

2007 March 10: In addition to the search page, ALL back-issues are available to view by issue number. Contact the moderator for access.

2006 October 11: The FML moved to its new home at LISTSERV.FERRETMAILINGLIST.ORG from its former home at the City University of New York.